#1 Top Kindle eBook

The book has been out for almost a week now and what a first week it was…

Shockingly True Uber Stories was the #1 Kindle eBook in so many different countries and so many different categories, like: travel writing, travelogues & travel essays, travel memoirs, true crime stories, biographies & memoirs, etc. and etc….

And this is only the beginning. This was a super soft launch, barely anyone knows the book exists yet. Just wait til I release the audiobook. Then I’m coming for everything. Everyone is gonna know the story.

But I’m grateful to everyone that already grabbed the book and especially all the early 5-star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. That’s super cool of all of you…

So tonight, this one is for all the people that already read the book early… I’m gonna give a special sneak peek to everyone that has read the book all the way to the end…

Anyone that read the end of the book knows why I’m posting a picture of my bamboo spine

This picture is just between us. Just a little peek for now. You can see the whole spine.

Notice the tight skin stretching over the curve at the top of the shoulders. And notice I’m stuck looking down. In case you thought I was making anything up.

Nah I’m the truth. Every word is the truth.

Nevermind the muscle, that’s just my response to a deadly disease. You think it’s easy to handle a wild Arabian Barbie Doll? Especially in my condition? You gotta adapt or die.

Speaking of that, today we finally finished and mailed all the paperwork to our lawyer for our case to keep my wife legal in this country. The book has actually been done for a long time, I just had to be patient and wait to release it, while we worked on all this paperwork for many months. And by the way it was way harder and way more work than writing the book. Yet we’re paying the lawyer a lot of money for some reason… hmmmm…

Welcome to America.

Meanwhile my wife is way more American than most… She talks like a Southern California surfer, and is rollin’ around with pinkish purplish hair, double checking there’s no dairy in her latte, cuz she’s veeegaaan… while I look like a proper Arab Muslim, with a shaved head and magnificent long dark beard, vacuuming my stomach, practicing Nauli Kriya and Kung Fu on a stack of tires in a warehouse on a five-acre farm somewhere in the middle of nowhere…

(I’ll show you videos soon)

Soon I’ll be posting here every Monday and Thursday, and you’ll be able to signup for email updates of everything from videos to more shocking Uber stories…

I’ll continue the story about how I struggled to get the audiobook done in the next post, but tonight this one is for everyone that already grabbed the book, and especially for all those that read it til the end.

The story is mine no longer. I release it to the Universe. It belongs to you now.

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