Shocking True Uber & Lyft Stories

So for everyone that has read Shockingly True Uber Stories already: at the end of the book I promised I would start posting videos so you could see my true condition and see that everything I told you in the book was the absolute truth…

It’s taken a little time to finish filming and editing, plus I’ve been waiting for the audiobook to be available on every possible site, but now without further ado, I present to you the first video, that is basically a trailer for the book…

There you go, you can check it out and see into my world. You can see where and how I live, you can see all the constant crazy workouts I do just to function throughout the day, including Nauli Kriya, which is stomach vacuuming and rotating my abdominal muscles in a circle.

So the secret is officially out now. I can’t move my neck but hey I can move my stomach in every which way…

So check it all out and enjoy. The song is Formidable by Stromae, slowed down a bit. And my dope wife made the whole video and did everything.

You can find my YouTube channel right here, and go ahead and subscribe to see all the future videos we post…

You can download the audiobook on Audible here

You can download the audibook on iTunes here

You can download the eBook on Amazon here

I’ll be posting more soon… Told you it’s all the truth.

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